30 Aug

A Journey through Iran

Geography & Travel

Jonathan Burt travels to the ‘cradle of civilization’ to discover what cultural riches remain in modern-day Iran.

08 Jun

Bienvenue a Yorkshire!

Geography & Travel

Chris Platt travels ahead of the peloton to find out just what will greet the riders of the Tour de France when the race starts in the north of England this summer.

17 May

The Evolution of Travel

Geography & Travel

Lizzie Davey visits the “Cradle of Humankind” in South Africa to find out why we travel.

11 Feb

A Smartphone Pilgrimage – Borobodur

Geography & Travel

Laura Perry shares her experience of a recent visit to one of the world’s most beautiful Buddhist sites.

02 Feb

Review – ‘Cities Talking’ travel app

Geography & Travel

Terra Nova Magazine reviews the “Cities Talking” virtual tour guide app.

29 Jan

Ivory Update: China Crushes 6.1 Tonnes

Science & Nature

Jessica Crisp gives us an update on the latest international efforts to derail the illegal ivory trade.

13 Jan

Alternative Paris

Geography & Travel

Terra Nova Magazine looks at five alternative things to see and do in Paris.

16 Dec

Photo-Essay: Overlanding Africa

Geography & Travel

Manu Grieco tells us about her adventures in a 1977 Bedford along the western coast of Africa.

26 Nov

Černý’s Prague

History & Culture

TNM takes a look at the Czech artist’s most controver­sial creations.

22 Nov

The Best of Britain

Geography & Travel

Terra Nova Magazine looks at ten of the best tourist destinations outside London.